Soccer Coaches Exercise: Improved Counter Attack 2

Soccer exercise: Improved counterattack.

Here we leave another exercise on improving the counterattack for you to use directly or adapt to the needs of your soccer team.

  • OBJECTIVES: Improved counterattack.
  • DEFENSIVE: Role change after loss. Orient the opponent's exit to areas where they can press if there is no recovery option. Harassment of the owner.
  • OFFENSIVE: Detect preferential spaces where to attack. Ruptures into space at the opponent's last line if it does not back down well after loss.
  • DIMENSIONS: 45-30 midfield.
  • PLAYERS: 8-8 plus 2 goalkeepers 2 offensive jokers.
  • MATERIAL: pikes, breastplates, balls.
  • WEATHER: 15 minutes you can do 2 series.
  • RULES: Wildcard players from outside will only be able to participate against, if there is no option and they go to the organized attack they can no longer participate, they go with the team that has the ball, they generate an advantage and possibilities of counter in recovery.
  • TASK DEVELOPMENT: The exercise seeks first to maintain possession when the ball is recovered and to take the ball out of the rival pressure to seek a counterattack. Receive correct supports and give your partner an advantage on the pass. Adjust process to our options, do not rush to give too much speed to the process. Securing the first pass after recovery is very important, it is more dangerous to lose it again since we are leaving and we give the opponent facilities to mount the counter again.

You will tell us how about the implementation of this soccer exercise!

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