Exercise for Physical Component Trainers 2c1 + 2c2

OBJECTIVES: To work on the conditional aspect of the player.

OBJECTIVES: Work on the conditional aspect of the player.

DEFENSIVE: Avoid the goal.

OFFENSIVE: Score a goal.

DIMENSIONS: Soccer midfield 11.

PLAYERS: All the team. 4 players come out at the same time.

MATERIAL: Soccer balls, breastplates, pikes, fences and extra goal 11.

WEATHER: Each player has to go through each post 2 times.

RULES: Perform conditional work at a high intensity without skipping any part of the circuit. When finishing, prioritize placement to power.

TASK DEVELOPMENT: The task has 4 posts where 4 players leave at the same time, 2 from each team.

  • Post A performs a jump with legs together to the right + left + front, takes the ball and makes a change of direction to post C to move to defend a 2v1 in the nearest goal.
  • Post B makes 2 jumps with legs together, receives the ball from the goalkeeper and conducts + ends.
  • Post C runs to the cone on the left, returns to the middle cone, goes to the right cone, returns to the middle and receives the ball from post A to play a 2v1 with his partner from post D.
  • Post D makes a fence jump + zigzag and plays a 2v1 with his post C partner.

The players in posts C and D must finish quickly, since the player in posts B once the action has finished will go to defend helping his partner. From here, once the attack is over, the coach will throw an aerial ball to the center of the field of play and they will play a 2v2.

As for the rotations will be made between AB and CD. When they have passed 2 times through A and B, the task will stop and they will change posts to act in C and D.

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