Exercise Football coach Finishing on goal

This exercise for soccer coaches seeks to work on goal completion, taking into account the supports, and always permanent help to the ball possessor.

OBJECTIVES: Supports and goal completion.

DEFENSIVE: close pass, harassment and entry lines.

OFFENSIVE: Permanent help to the player with the ball.


PLAYERS: 6- 6 plus 2 goalkeepers and 3 offensive jokers

MATERIAL: pikes, breastplates, balls.

WEATHER: 15 minutes

RULES: You have to pass the ball through at least 3 areas of the central part, with the help of inside and outside jokers that serve as support. Players if they change squares the partner must occupy theirs. Free touches.

TASK DEVELOPMENT: The mobility of the players is sought inside to receive. The help of the inner joker seeks that there is no strict marking to the man since he can also comply with the norm and attack. Once you get through at least 3 sectors of the 4 you have to play with an external wildcard and it becomes a situation of 3 against two waiting defenders. Players inside can change squares as long as the partner occupies theirs. If they retrieve inside the team without the ball, they can attack directly, playing with an outside wildcard and the same situation of 3 attackers against 2 defenders.

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