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Course CoverMaster in Tactical Periodization

You will have the opportunity to voluntarily do your internship in different clubs in Barcelona, including RCD Espanyol or its schools.

Duration: 7 months
Start: Immediate
Degree: Master

You can pay with a single payment or in terms of 3, 6 or 12 months!

Master in Tactical Periodization

With the " Master in Tactical Periodization " Course we will learn to interpret the principles of Soccer, the strategies to follow, the true technique we want to transmit , the slow and intensive training, the coordination of the team, the technical staff and the management of the sports entity and how to deal with the different problems that arise in everyday life .

A course with a more extensive and complete theme . We will deepen the mechanics to follow , the scheduled calendar, the feeding of our players and how to perform training accordingly, to improve as a block and reform the entire structure .

We will delve into 6 different themes, with a vision always in line with what surrounds this methodology where there are some parameters that must be followed to reach the objectives that the coach / player / group proposes.

The objectives of the course are:

  • Start the student in the Tactical Periodization.
  • To deepen the contents, to be able to have a better theoretical vision / general practice of this methodology.
  • Help the student to be competent in the subject.
  • Expand knowledge about Tactical Periodization and all the components that surround it.

Topic 1: Theoretical framework that encompasses Tactical Periodization

Topic 2: Methodological Principles in Tactical Periodization

Topic 3: The Pattern Morphocycle and its Training Subdynamics.

Topic 4: The realization of a Game Model.

Topic 5: The Preparatory Morphocycle and Standard Morphocycle from a practical perspective.

Topic 6: The creation of tasks following the methodological process of Tactical Periodization.

Topic 7: The Tactical Cycle and its Different Tactical Blocks in the Season.

Topic 8: The strategic aspect in Tactical Periodization.

Topic 9: The creation of tasks following the methodological process of Tactical Periodization II.

Unit 10: Guide of Methods and Teaching Techniques.

Topic 11: Dismantle unreality with other comparatives.

Topic 12: The Complexity, Scientific Models and Educational Knowledge paradigm.

Topic 13: Final Project.

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