Course CoverMaster Coach in Baseball and Quarry Management

You will have the opportunity to voluntarily do your internship in different clubs in Barcelona, including RCD Espanyol or its schools.

Duration: 9 months
Start: Immediate
Open Squares
Degree: Master
Master's own degree Catholic University of Avila

You can pay with a single payment or in terms of 3, 6 or 12 months!

Master Coach in Baseball and Quarry Management

With the Course of " Master Coach in Base Soccer and Management of Quarry (Catholic University of Avila) " we will learn to use the fundamentals of Soccer from the base and we will evolve theory and practice as we go up categories.

The first categories must have a strong theoretical basis to learn the sport and understand how to apply them to your game.

In higher categories all this theory is put into practice and technical exercises are carried out to be applied later in the matches.

Module I Specialist in sports management in football Module (6 ECTS credits)

Module II Specialist in quarry management and training in football (12 ECTS credits)

  • 2.1 Definition and principles of the sports entity
  • 2.2 Leadership in the sports field
  • 2.3 Coordination Quarries of modest football
  • 2.4 Coordination of professional teams quarries
  • 2.5 Ideal organizational structures in quarries
  • 2.6 Basis of Baseball Training
  • 2.7 The learning of soccer in young people. Stages and forms of teaching
  • 2.8 Implementation methodology
  • 2.9 Analysis and evaluation of players
  • 2.10 Analysis and evaluation of coaches

Module III Specialist in soccer game analysis (6 ECTS credits)

Module IV Specialist in talent management and team management in football (12 ECTS credits)

  • 4.1 Creation of analysis and recruitment departments
  • 4.2 Creation and implementation of game idea
  • 4.3 Standard analysis models.
  • 4.4 Quarry Management
  • 4.5 Player psychology management.
  • 4.6 Scouting in quarry teams
  • 4.7 Data analysis in football teams.
  • 4.8 The coach as an essential point of implanting a club idea.

Module V. Use of technology in quarry management. (6 ECTS credits)

Module VI Management and team management (6 ECTS credits)

  • 6.1 Costume management
  • 6.2 Avant match preparation.
  • 6.3 Competition match management
  • 6.4 Postpartum management
  • 6.5 The treatment of emotion in sport.

Module VII Final Master project (12 ECTS credits)

Graduates / Graduates in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, qualified trainers and technicians with football experience.

Professionals of recognized and accredited work and / or professional experience, provided that such experience is related to the competences inherent in the Master's degree, people related to football who want to specialize in this area.

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