Course CoverOfficial Degree of Higher Degree in Soccer

You will do internships in football clubs, with the possibility of doing them in an RCD Espanyol School.

Duration: 600H + 190H Prácticas months
Start: 3 Octubre

Price 1950.00 €.

Official Degree of Higher Degree in Soccer

The superior grade PRESENT of sports coach in soccer, level 3, is a official academic qualification approved and regulated by Royal Decree 320/2000, of 3 March and Royal Decree 1913/1997 of 19 December. It corresponds to the first and only level for the obtaining of the titulación of superior degree of technical technician in soccer. These teachings have been designed in order to equip students with sufficient knowledge to enable them to exercise their functions competently. According to this generic objective, emphasis is placed on achieving a complete formation, with a balance between the theoretical and practical character of the same, so that the training process is linked to the scientific-technical and social reality of the soccer player.

Professional Profile Definition

The degree of sports technician superior in soccer accredits that its holder has the necessary skills to plan and direct the training of athletes and football teams, direct the participation of these in media and high level competitions, as well as direct soccer schools.

Professional Outings

After obtaining the superior degree, the senior sports technician in football may accredit the acquisition of knowledge and sufficient professional skills to assume their responsibilities autonomously or within a public body or private company. He will exercise his activity in the field of education and training of footballers and the management of athletes and high-level teams. In the area of ​​sports management providing his services in the direction of departments, sections or football schools. The different types of entities or companies where they can perform their functions are:

  • High Performance Sports Centers
  • Sports technification centers
  • Soccer schools
  • Sports clubs and associations
  • Federations
  • Sports patronages
  • Sports service companies
  • Soccer sports coach training centers


Number of teaching hours: 830 hours


Common Block

  • Sports biomechanics
  • High performance sports training
  • Physiology of effort
  • Sports management
  • Psychology of high sports performance
  • High performance sports sociology
  • Specific block

Specific Block

  • Professional Development III
  • Equipment management III
  • Methodology of football teaching and training III
  • Physical Preparation III
  • Rules of the game III
  • Sports safety III
  • Tactics and game systems III
  • Individual and collective technique III
  • Complementary block

Complementary Block

  • Computing III
  • English III
  • Sports for the disabled III
  • Practice training block

Practice Block

  • Professional practices III
Final Project


  • Plan and direct the training of footballers
  • Schedule and direct the participation of football teams in medium and high level competitions.
  • Run a department, section or football school.

Professional skills

  • Carry out the specific programming and operative programming of the medium and long term training with a view to the high competition.
  • Direct technical and tactical training with a view to high competition.
  • Direct the physical conditioning of players based on sports performance.
  • Carry out the tactical approach applicable to the competition, based on high sports performance.
  • Direct the athlete or team in their technical and tactical action during the competition.
  • Evaluate the performance of the athlete or team after the competition
  • Assess the performance of athletes or teams in collaboration with specialists in the sports sciences.
  • Schedule the teaching of football.
  • Schedule the realization of sports activity linked to the development of football.
  • Plan and coordinate the activity of other sports technicians.
  • Ensure the safety of the technicians who depend on him.
  • Carry out the economic and administrative management of a small or medium business.
  • Collaborate in the design, planning and technical direction of football competitions.
  • Adapt to the technological, organizational, economic and social changes that affect the professional activity.

General data:

  • Description: Through this service you can apply for the homologation or the validation of non-university degrees obtained abroad.
  • Recipients: Non-university graduates who have completed their studies abroad.
  • Requirements: All the documents that are contributed to this procedure must be official and be issued by the competent authorities to do so, in accordance with the legal system of the country in question.
  • Deadline for submission: Permanently open submission deadline
  • How to do it: The service is accessed for downloading, printing and filling in the document for later presentation in a public registry.


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