Title Coach Soccer Level 1 + Tactical Analyst in Soccer Humaes

Duration: 305H + 150H real months Open Squares Degree: Official

You will do practices in football clubs, we have relationships with the vast majority, with the possibility of doing them at an RCD Espanyol school.



You can pay with a single payment or in terms of 3, 6 or 12 months!

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Asociación europea de jugadores



The middle grade Face -to -face of sports technician in football, level 1, is a Official Academic Degree approved and regulated by Royal Decree 320/2000, of March 3 and, Royal Decree 1913/1997, of December 19.

It corresponds to the first level of coach to obtain the average degree degree of sports technician in football. These teachings have been configured in order to provide students with sufficient knowledge to allow them the competent exercise of their functions.

This degree empowers you to train stage soccer teams to youth, provided it is not a national league or honor division.

At the end of the student he can register as a collegiate in the federation of his territorial and will have a federative license.

In Soccerlab we seek that the student achieves the necessary level not only of knowledge to train teams of these levels, but to exercise efficiently in the management of groups and people in the teaching of football.

In parallel, you title as a tactical analyst in Soccer, acfredited course by Soccerlab as a center specialized in sports teachings.


Middle grade access requirements (level 1 / initial cycle):

To access the first level or the initial cycle, the following requisites must be met:

  • Have the degree in Compulsory Secondary Education (or equivalent to academic purposes) or have overcome the university access test for over 25 years. People who do not meet these requirements must exceed the specific course for access to medium grade cycles or a general access test. To present yourself you have to be at least 17 years the year the test is done.
  • Overcome a specific test.


Professional profile

This medium grade degree in football or soccer technician, gives the student who has overcome the necessary competences to exercise as a soccer coach in base soccer categories and amateur soccer, to the first Catalan division.

It gives knowledge in the teaching of this sport with the idea of ​​improving the realization both from the technical and tactical point of view of the footballer, as well as carrying out the direction of sports teams and training of soccer players.

Professional outings

Once the student has the average degree degree in football or Coach Level 2 course, he can exercise in the management and training of football teams, both in the public and private sphere in relation to the practice of football.

The typology of companies and sports entities where you can work as a sports technician in Soccer are:

  • Sports schools
  • Clubs and Sports Associations
  • Sports Federations
  • Sports Patronatos
  • Sports services companies
  • Schools (extracurricular activities)



Number of teaching hours: 455 hours


Common block

  • Anatomical and physiological bases of sport I
  • Psychopedagogical bases of teaching and training I
  • Sports training i
  • Sociological Fundamentals of Sports I
  • Sports Organization and Legislation
  • First aid and hygiene in sport I
  • Sports Theory and Sociology

Specific block

  • Professional development i
  • Team address I
  • Methodology of Teaching and Football Training I
  • Physical preparation i
  • Game Rules I
  • Sports security i
  • Tactics and game systems I
  • Individual and collective technique I

Complementary block

  • Computer science i
  • English I
  • Sport for disabled I

Practical training block

  • Professional practices i



  • The student will know how to do the program and how to carry out the teaching of football, as well as the training management of players and soccer entities.
  • Direct players and teams in football matches

Professional capacities

    • Football teaching programming in this way how to evaluate players and assess the learning process.

    • Teach football with the idea of ​​improvement and improve the technique and tactic of players and teams respectively.
    • Evaluation of the improvement of soccer players.
    • You know what the errors are when the player executes in a technical or tactical way, know why it happens and look for the appropriate means to get the improvement of the players.
    • Do and specifically schedule training and planning of the season of a football team.

    • Know how to direct the training session, marking the objectives to be achieved, at all times fulfilling the obligations regarding the security of the footballer.

    • Manage the direction of the football team in relation to the improvement of the global physical condition and the soccer player in particular to get him to pay at his highest level.

    • Know how to direct soccer teams in competitions complying with the regulations of this type of competitions.

    • Tactically propose the football match that is played in a competition.
    • Direct soccer players or football teams in the competition in a technical and tactical way in football.
    • Evaluation of the soccer player and football team after competing.

    • Control if sanitary assistants are available in sports facilities.
    • Collaboration in knowing how to capture and detect soccer players with the physical and psychological conditions that may be necessary to see if those players have to perform high sports performance plans.

    • Establishment of an action plan to develop football activities with the planned objectives for a football team.

    • Detection and interpretation of the information that we can extract from work in training, incorporation of new trends and use of technology applied to sport, as well as the use of the material that you can consider to achieve the sports improvement of the footballer.
    • Detection and interpretation of technology that we can use for football training optimization.

Foreign access degrees

General data:

  • Description: Through this service we give you, we inform you that the homologation or validation of the non -university titles obtained abroad can be requested.
  • Recipients: Non -university degrees who have carried out their studies abroad.
  • REQUIREMENTS: All documents contributed to this procedure must be official and issued by the competent authorities for this, in most cases the Hague Seal will be required.
  • Submit period: The submission deadline is always open.
  • How to do it?: You should get in touch with us and we will give you the step by step to carry it out.


  • Application model:
  • REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION: COMPULTED Photocopy of official academic certificates and titles obtained abroad, legalized and translated, in their case.
  • Delivery place: in any public registry

More information about this procedure or service:

  • Telephone: 910 837 937 Citizen Information Center.


People who exceed the first level or cycle obtain a certificate that allows them to access:

  • To the second level
  • To the work world and collaborate in the Federation of its territorial.


The middle grade in football is completely face -to -face having the following aspects as academic complements.

The training starts from class delivery in practical format and very real -world oriented.

Moreover, this training program will be carried out taking into account the following points:

Virtual Classroom: The courses are taught entirely in face -to -face mode. Teaching classes together with practical exhibitions oriented to real situations of training practice.

They are made through our virtual campus that is accessed from the cover of our website, www.futbollab.com, through the button Virtual Aula Access. From there you can enter them, explanatory presentations, demonstrative videos, analysis of the teachers, tasks that are sending and correcting the teachers.

Tutors: Teachers offer continuous tutoring, establishing telephone tutorials and/or by videoconference explaining the doubts that are emerging. They guide your training evolution throughout the course, depending on your profile and level of dedication or study schedule. As we have indicated, the agenda, the videos, articles, interviews with expert are part of your evolution in the course, so you will execute periodic exercises that the teacher reviews to give you the clearest idea of ​​the subject that is being worked on.

Evaluation: Each training module will have its own individual evaluation. At the end of the course you will execute a final project that will encompass all the areas studied and that will always imply the development of a real case, since from Soccerlab we want our courses at all times to be aimed at the real training situation that the technicians are in their teams.

Registration process: To enroll you you just have to click on the Enrolleate tab, from there you will ask you to enter your personal data necessary for the academic file and in the final part of the process you can choose the payment format of this program.

You can contact us via mail to attention@futbollab.com, telephone to +34 648 45 44 01.

Our website www.futbollab.com

If you prefer direct communication via WhatsApp, Click here



According to approval through the Ministerial Orders ECI 3224/2004 of September 21, BOE 8/10, Order ECI 3341/2004 of October 8, BOE 15/10 and Order ECI 3830/2005, of November 18, BOE 9 /12 Students who have completed and surpassed:

- Graduates or Graduates in Sports Sciences

They can validate the following modules:

Football Coach Course Level 1

- They can validate the entire common module that includes the following subjects

Common block

· Anatomical and physiological bases of sport I

· Psychopedagogical bases of teaching and training I

· Sports training I

· Sociological foundations of sport I

· Sports Organization and Legislation

· First aid and hygiene in sport I

· Sports theory and sociology

Regarding the validation of the specific block.

The graduates of Sports Sciences that prove the master's degree, specific sports application or high performance mode itinerary may opt for him.

- Diplomas in Physical Education

Football Coach Course Level 1

- They can validate the entire common module that includes the following subjects

Common block

· Anatomical and physiological bases of sport I

· Psychopedagogical bases of teaching and training I

· Sports training I

- Higher grade degree physical activities (Tafad)

Football Coach Course Level 1

- They can validate the entire common module that includes the following subjects

Common block

· Anatomical and physiological bases of sport I

· Psychopedagogical bases of teaching and training I

· Sports training I

· First aid and hygiene in sport I

The modules to be validated from the specific block course level 1.2 or 3 will be validated according to the school burden that is validated and accredited in football by the INEF, taking into account that the contents and curriculum are superior to school charges to which The student would like to validate.

This request must be done through the Superior Sports Council (CSD).


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