Professional advice for players.

Improve in the technic components of the player and the tactical aspects of the footballer


Professional advice for players


FUTBOLLAB, through its professionals and the develop of the own software of player analysis, analyse in video the players, from the studio of the information, create personalize plans of the technical-tactical improve of the football player, looking to achieve that the player improve the aspects and the decision making to choose the more efficient option.


Physical preparation area


FUTBOLLAB professionals. Lead by the area responsible, JUAN FERRANDO, Doctor in sports science, ex physical preparatory in ARSENAL with ARSENE WENGER, ex in RCD ESPANYOL and in the present in MALAGA CF, create improve plans in the physical preparation of the player, analysing all the characteristics of him and seeing where can and should improve.

This improve plans include, Initial season plans, plans during the season, and personalized programs for injured players and Injury prevention.

The objective of the improve plans is to achieve that the players work in an efficient way, getting that the trainings is converted in learning moments adapted what will happens in the game, always work real situations.

When the human group that form part of FUTBOLLAB works with a player, put in his hands an individual and personalized work, that it will bring to improve his performance in the game, thanks to the training methodology that we use and go addressed to the game knowledge.

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