From FUTBOLLAB, we want that football clubs go in the direction to promote, to build, to improve the entity structures, leading to a very efficient working way.

Clearly, its efficiency we will be getting to improve the performance of the clubs that are part of the entity, and therefore the own performance of the teams forming the entity.

FUTBOLLAB with the best specialized technics in different areas, you will get in football clubs where you work, get the sports improvement, in all aspects and you can work with an optimal methodology to carry out in time, on the way to the success in sports performance of the teams that make up the club, and the continuous improvement of the coaches formation.

That is why FUTBOLLAB offers services in Spain in presence form, or through technical formation in their home countries, and put at the service of football clubs, coaches associations, federations and technical collectives, all gamma product of specialization in football coach formation.

We create training plans to football clubs, for all formative ages of the football player, initiation, modernization and performance.

FUTBOLLAB believes strongly in the adaptation of the training to the needs of each age, which is why that the player should work in every age the aspects that can give a better evolution to learning of the football player.

As is logical in the current football, training processes should go to train the real situations of the game, and the players in their learning go evolve toward the understanding of the game and know how to decide correctly. Work a continued methodology in the different teams of the entity.

Working in a football club an integrated training methodology, and where all teams work under the same idea, and the players at their different stages will improve their skills under a training methodology that works in an integrated form in all formative ages of the football player. More information for the player will be implying better decisions in the game.

FUTBOLLAB intended that the player will pass the information that he will need for the development of the game, but in a structured way, with a football learning format, which will lead him to understand what happens in the game.

This transmission of information should lead to the player to get an added motivation to the game, because through our methodology and the work forms, aimed at football teaching through real game, we will get to magnify the desire to learn and the football player motivation so the player will know to resolve situations that happens in the game, because he will have lived in their own learning and he will know to understand the game and therefore he will be able to decide more efficiently.



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It is vital for coaches of FUTBOLLAB that it has a visual tracing of the training and the competition matches, with video analysis we will get to visualize which are the fails and check the learning process, that we can adapt, personalize the programs and the planning that are marked to achieve the efficiency in the improve of the football players.

Also, FUTBOLLAB has developed powerful software tools, through his professional team in program, that give us more detailed information about other aspects:

  • - Quantitative and qualitative dates of the game.
  • - Statistical elements in different decisions, in tactical and technical aspects.
  • - Statistical analysis of game progression.
  • - Statistical analysis of the participation of the players in more of 52 items.

All of this does that the FUTBOLLAB technics can value with rightness the reality of the football team and players that integrated it, and from here can be modify and improve the learning of the objectives and optimize the sport performance of the football teams and players. The importance of the physical preparation and its planning.

A player must be physically prepared to the needs that football requires and is by this that from FUTBOLLAB gives a high importance, because affect directly the sport performance.

That is why we tutored the training charge to the physical improve is the suitable and the player does not fall in efforts that can minimize his performance.

Also, from FUTBOLLAB have specialized technics in the INJURY PREVENTION and in the RECOVERY OF UNJURY PLAYERS, with work plans individualized, controlled by our technics for the recovery process is the suitable and minimize to the maximum the relapse risks.

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