General Conditions of Soccer ServicesLab

By the Center:

  1. 1. SUPERIOR SCHOOL TRAINERS FOOTBALL SL, in Carrer Joan Fernandez i Comas 3, 08940 (Cornellà de Llobregat) and with CIF: B-66714635, undertakes to deliver to the student the texts or materials that the course consists of in a telematic format and always through its virtual campus, accessible at all times through the virtual campus offered by our web page:
  2. 2. The Center will open a personal file for each student keeping up-to-date the studies followed and the scores obtained, keeping in addition a Record of the diplomas that are obtained at the end of the studies.
  3. 3. The Center undertakes to answer the Consultations on the specific subjects of the Course, and to correct the exercise questionnaires, supporting at all times the studies carried out by its students. All this during the period of delivery of the course. After this period the student will be able to extend his period of time for a period of twelve months in Online mode.
  4. 4. When the student completes the Course with the minimum necessary use (score higher than 60%), the Center will extend the corresponding Diploma or Certificate, which will accredit the studies carried out in the courses provided, without official academic effects, being a qualification of The school that empowers the acquired knowledge.
  5. 5. The Center will be able to provide the course with the necessary modifications of both time and teaching staff, as well as keep it up to speed with technological progress, maintaining a proper balance between the fundamental knowledge of each subject and the current technical applications. As well as the scientific, technical, legal and / or pedagogical novelties. At the time of recruitment of the course the student and the Center recognize the current legal or professional of the same.
  6. 6. When there are practices in the Course, the student will have the right to attend the Center or in their place to the presence classrooms with fixed character of the Center or arranged, the days and schedules marked by the Center Director, in case of concerted practices, The student acknowledges in this document that there will be no Labor Relations and in case of requesting it, the student will sign the pertinent documentation.
  7. 7. In case of breach by the Center of any of the Clauses of this Teaching Contract and after informing the Center in writing, the student may communicate it for their claim.
  8. 8. The student may suspend his studies prior to communication to the Center for reasonable cause (serious illness ...) in which case his file will be maintained until a new discharge during the graceful teaching periods previously exposed, but without changing the payment system established.
  9. 9. The student may cancel the Contract 7 days after receipt of the material or keys or in his case of the beginning of the course, for which he must request it in writing to the Center and return the material, texts and books in his possession, if applicable. If the drop occurs after this time the student will lose all rights over the credits made.

Por parte del Estudiante:

  1. 10. While they are studying, the student agrees to communicate any change of address and contact information, in order to maintain a close link with the Center.
  2. 11. This registration is personal and non-transferable.
  3. 12. The student agrees to satisfy the total amount established in the economic conditions subscribed in form, term and time. If these three conditions are not fulfilled, the user will lose access to the course until he meets the economic conditions.


  1. 13. In accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data and LSSICE 34/2002 of 11 July on the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, we inform you That your personal data will be part of our automated files owned by SUPERIOR SCHOOL TRAINERS FOOTBALL SL, notified to the Spanish Data Protection Agency. The registered information will be used to comply with your application for registration by the accounting department to address the payments and keep you informed, especially regarding the course as exercises, evaluation tests, the email address provided by you, Likewise we guarantee that we will not share your data with any organization outside SUPERIOR SCHOOL TRAINERS FOOTBALL SL, except for the bank information you have provided, essential for processing payments with the banks with which we work. By sending the application for enrollment, the student expressly authorizes to send by electronic or postal means the commercial novelties and / or new promotions of the Center.
  2. 14. The following circumstances shall also be grounds for withdrawal from the Center, and consequently the termination of the contract: the failure to carry out the exercises personally, the attitude expressed against the staff, the Center or the Official Institutions.
  3. 15. For the performance and interpretation of this contract, both parties submit to the Courts of Barcelona, with express waiver of the Courts that for any reason could correspond to them.

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