Motivation in Soccer Online

Motivation in Soccer Online

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Acredited by Universidad Isabel I
Damos la opción voluntaria de poder hacer prácticas, al acabar el curso, en el RCD Espanyol en l'Hospitalet de Llobregat.
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    To motivate the player and the team is essential to improve outcomes. Get it coaching discovering variables that influence individual motivation and strengthen team spirit.

    The most important difference between coaches who achieve their goals and those who do not is that the former have well defined objectives. Thus, know self-motivated to move towards them and motivate his players know. The emotional states of equipment usually determined by the emotional state of their technical / leaders. In the art of motivation is important to read the emotional state of the equipment at all times. In this way, the coach may change the emotional state consciously to bring to a state that predisposes to his players at peak performance. Equally important is to get the target as the way to go. In sports, having fulfilled the goal is forgotten quickly. The premise legacy remains and the coach must ask at every action performed "why". This will be thinking constantly on the computer.

    • - Motivational concept
    • - Dimensions of motivation: self-motivation and external motivation
    • - Identifying values
    • - Definition of personal success
    • - Consciousness Mission: Mission of the coach and the team
    • - Vision of the coach and the team
    • - Management and planning
    • - Thought and positive language
    • - The importance of communication
    • - Positivizes and inspires
    • - Follow-up assessment exercises
    • - Practical work of the subject

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