Master in Physical Fitness (University Isabel I)
Tendrás la oportunidad de realizar, voluntariamente, tus prácticas en diferentes clubes de Barcelona, incluyendo al RCD Espanyol or their schools.
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Master in Physical Fitness (University Isabel I)

    Discover the secrets of Xesco Espar and Paco Seirul.lo in this course and learn the various methodologies in the professional fitness applied the beautiful game like situations simulating preferential and more.

    Dominates all the concepts and practices of physical preparation in the world of football with the physical training course FUTBOLLAB. The agenda, brilliantly structured, practical examples for you to apply concepts and techniques instantly. Learn to optimize the efficiency of the labor team of professionals who will prepare you to understand and apply the latest and most innovative strategies and exercises for the physical preparation of the players.


    Content excels for its unique approach: competition and effective workout. The Master focuses on the latest trends in the field of fitness, even in youth football, aside reductionist and analytical theories to put the focus on systemic theories and global training.


    This master will allow you to answer these and other questions such as: what is the reality of today's football training, is it more effective training and decontextualized separate the physical, technical, tactical and psychological, how defined strength, endurance and speed in football?




    Contents of the course:

    INTRODUCTION. PHILOSOPHY Entrenament, competition, man, ETC.

    • UF1: Evolution of training methodologies over the past decades.
    • UF2: New Trends in soccer training.
    • Tactical Periodization. Brief ideas.
    • Systemic Methodology Training "New Model"
    • UF3: What is fitness? New concept of fitness
    • UF4: Is there physical preparation?
    • UF5: Overview.
    • Description of the environment
    • Club Description
    • Historical
    • Club Structure
    • Facilities
    • Material available
    • Possibilities of cooperation for different analysis
    • Technical team
    • Template (CV sports players)
    • Individual performance profile players (Explanation Seirulo Structures)
    • Performance Profile group of players
    • Profile collective performance of the players.
    • UF6: Formulation of objectives. Technical DAFO-CAME


    • UF7: Introduction
    • UF8: Current status of resistance training
    • UF9: Proposal for resistance training in team sports
    • General Resistance Training
    • Training of aerobic efficiency
    • Training of aerobic capacity
    • Aerobic Power Training
    • Recovery Training
    • Summary of overall endurance training
    • Specific Resistance Training
    • Resistance training in the technique
    • Resistance training in the technique: mean intensity
    • Resistance Training in the art: maximum intensity
    • Resistance Training in the art: supramaximal intensity
    • Resistance Training as decision making
    • Resistance training game


    • UF10: Concept of force.
    • UF11: "Everything is strength." The basic physical strength and ability
    • UF12: The strength training for improving performance


    • UF13: The speed in football.
    • UF14: New way of understanding the speed. Optimal speed??
    • Planning and periodization
    • UF15: Competition schedule.
    • UF16: Planning, periodization, sports training, etc.
    • UF17: Load
    • UF18: General Adaptation Syndrome.
    • UF19: The training control and load
    • UF20: planning-periodization model.
    • UF21: The preseason.
    • UF22: The season.
    • UF23: Fatigue.
    • UF24: Recovery Methods.
    • UF25: Mismanagement training.
    • Overtraining and their types.
    • The tapering and its applicability in football teams


    • UF26: Nutrition.
    • UF27: Hydration.
    • UF28: The hours of sleep.


    • UF29: General characteristics.
    • UF30: Dynamic game.


    • UF31: Introduction.
    • UF32: The game model in the training process.
    • UF33: The pattern or design morfociclo cycles weekly workouts.
    • UF34: Microstructures: Seirulo


    • UF35: Organization.
    • UF36: The role of the trainer or "preparer players."
    • UF37: Training time.
    • UF38: Heating.
    • UF39: The main part.
    • UF40: The cool down.
    • UF41: The review session.
    • UF42: Strategies to follow the training day


    • UF43: Strategies to follow game day
    • Basic ideas about pre-game food
    • Pre warming party


    This will give you Master, thorough knowledge of the physical preparation completely adapted soccer, trained to play the main trends of training threshed, spatially, Tactical Periodization and forms of work of Professor Paco Seirulo FC BARCELONA, seek if the trainer has all the tools, knowledge, work examples to what will happen in the game situation, always seeking maximum efficiency in sports training, or what is the same, overall football coaching.

    Center accredited by:

    Center accredited by Universidad Isabel I

    In collaboration with:

    RCDE School

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