Pedro Gómez


After to curse the license in Sport sciences and study Physiotherapy, he has specialized in the physical preparation, acting in semi-professional teams in this area, as Albacete and Ceuta, to compliment his studies and he will realize the Sport Psychology Master to have an increase knowledge about the importance about how to think and act the athletes in their decisions.

He is author of a number of articles and the book “The physical preparation contextualizing in football” in a high success into the professional and semi-professional in this area.



-          Doctor in Physical Activity and Sport.

-          Licensed in Physiotherapy.

-          Prevention and Re-Adaptation of Injuries Master.

-          Sport Psychology Master.

-          Football coach in level II.

Experiencia profesional:


-          7 years in Albacete Bpie (Juvenile, 3ª Spanish division, 2ªB Spanish division, 2ªA Spanish division) as physical preparatory, physiotherapy and re-adaptation of injury players.

-          Physical preparatory in AD Ceuta during the season 2012/2011.

-          Author of the book “The physical preparation contextualizing in football”.

-          Creator and coordinator in


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