Can you do any online course from countries outside of Spain?

Sure, FOOTBALL LAB, between one of its main objectives being to give the possibility through its virtual campus that all coaches, are the country that are able to take a course with us and see the different training methodologies that we in Spain and can take place in the football teams of their countries.

All courses have them in English and Spanish.

Are completely ONLINE all courses?

The courses are entirely online, are made through our virtual campus, from there you have access to the agendas, explanatory presentations, demo videos, explanations of teachers, tasks that you are sending the teachers and they are corrected, and continued TUTORING by the teacher in the course, setting phone tutoring and / or video of explanation to the doubts which it exits.

At the end of the course you will conduct a final project that encompasses all areas studied and always involve the development of a real case, since from FOOTBALL LAB want that at all times our courses are directed to the real situation training technicians found on their computers.

Do you do exercises and assignments throughout the course?

Obviously, we want the maximum learning process, for it we have considered it necessary that students will practice the various concepts with exercises that will work, that will be evaluated by the teachers and discussed for the student, known in all times where he has failed, and giving the latter the opportunity to return to forward them to improve their response.

I can send? Doubt the teacher?

From the Virtual Campus have different ways to send questions to the teacher, either through the virtual classroom, through the mail, or by setting personal tutorials with him to resolve any doubts you may have in relation to the training course for coaches which you have registered.

Do I have completed the accredited course or Master?

From football LAB send you after the course accreditation have done, that will give you the level of competence to perform the task or branch studied, FOOTBALL LAB is a research and study of football, which aims to give coaches Football, more advanced training in relation to soccer training methodologies.

This accreditation will come in original format to the address we have noted on enrollment also by telematic way you will also get electronically.

What are the requirements for a course?

Because the training of our coach education courses and professional qualifications in the field of football, as well as sports coaching specializations, sports psychology, sports management agencies and other branches, FOOTBALL LAB customizes each course access to Profile of student who is most suitable for the realization of these sports training programs, since you can check our website for each type of course which is the profile of students, we have programs with different access profiles from novice football coaches and professionals who want to broaden their education.

What is the price of the course or the Master?

In the descriptions of each course you can find on our website www.futbollab.com, Have a detailed explanation about the course and the price that is assigned each program?

Is there the possibility to pay in installments a course?

FOOTBALL LAB, Gives the opportunity to students in the courses of the type MASTER, EXPERT AND SPECIALIST to pay three or four times the amount of the courses, so we ensure that all eligible students quality programs football LAB, if you want more information regarding this fact alone should ask in info@futbollab.com

Is there some kind of added expense for the course?

NO, the price is final price markup, and includes all necessary equipment to perform optimally course from football LAB you provide through the virtual classroom, all elements have been found to contain the course, from the agendas, through demonstration videos, expert interviews, articles, and software added material deemed necessary for the completion of the course .

What is the duration of the course or Masters?

All courses LAB football, have a different length, and that each of the programs are different and need a different time commitment in the course description that exist in our web www.futbollab.com, To find the course you are interested in having the length?

If I have a personal problem, and I can not take the course, I lose my tuition?

DO NOT, under any circumstances, FOOTBALL LAB Football coaches want to get the maximum in training and that is your career goal, if a student has personal problems that keep you from doing the course, you will lengthen the period specified, so you can take later.

I can access the campus? 24 hours?

Of course, you will access freely, when you consider unrestricted, when you want and always have visible agendas, and all the material added in the virtual campus.

I can enroll at any time?

Yes, in football LAB open classrooms each week, so you can enroll and start the course at any time, regardless of the area studied.

How I can register?

It is very easy, just have to register at our website www.futbollab.com and choose the course you want to enroll, from there you will choose the mode of payment and within 24 hours you will receive passwords to access the virtual campus, contacting you LAB football staff.

Have FOOTBALL LAB job offers for soccer coaches, trainers, and other professionals in football?

YES, FOOTBALL LAB is a free job board, available to students, alumni and anyone who want to send us your application, from administration are received concrete offers of entities with positions to fill on their computers, and that we present you at all times.

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